That's Yancy, the white battle-puffle,
Vital statistics
Type Battle-Puffle
Score 1450
Power Cry really loud.
Strengths FILL IT IN
Weaknesses FILL IT IN
Dumbness FILL IT IN
Smartness FILL IT IN
Destruction FILL IT IN

Yancy is a white battle puffle. It is always depressed, odd, and emotional. Despite this, it fought in many battles and won.

Yancy has the power to cry really loudly, annoying its opponent greatly. It listens to music that most puffles find annoying. It’s grim appearance also scares away puffles, since they are usually cheery and colorful.

Yancy has always been a depressed puffle. For some reason it was never happy, playful or such. It always dressed in black and dyed its hair that color and folded it down. The fact that other puffles were happy made Yancy even more sad so he decided to become a battle-puffle in hopes that one of them would obliterate him.

When it DID go onto the battlefield, however, the puffle shocked that its challenger looked so unpuffle it ran away. This happened a few times, but one puffle, a large one was a brute that didn't care for fun and games. It was about to destroy Yancy… then Yancy thought about this- maybe it should give this whole fighting thing a try. Yancy ice-breathed the behemoth puffle and then whopped its butt. Yancy was declared champion but was still depressed. It decided to try out more battles. These battles made Yancy slightly happier, but only when it was fighting.

Yancy later joined a group of superhero-etiquette puffles and puffle-like creatures known as P-Force.

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