Yakoslovakia was a socialist-communist republic north of the former Penguin Republic's spcae and below Edge Fields that consisted of the merger of Slovakia and Slovenia. The socialist republic was officially disbanded in 2001 when the Penguin Republic merged with it under the same consortuim. That was the end of the Slovakia-Slovenian history.

History Edit

Slovakia and Slovenia wanted to join forces and they did. They got disbanded in 2001. That's about it.

Places Edit

The cities of Nika and Yukalov, former capitals of Slovakia and Slovenia respectively, were big cities. The capital of the new republic was Litalov. Other big cities (and big cities of the Slovenia-Slovakia stuff) were Ninu, Frakero, Lasuta, and Fartia. New big cities were Lutalia and Bigalia. Today, only Nika, Yukalov and Litalov remain alive. Nika was renamed Slovakia, Bigalia renamed Slovenia, and Litalov's name remains. Ninu became an abandoned, intact city whilst Frakero was abandoned and broken down. Lasuta was bombed and a fire outrage made the whole city sink. Bigalia was bombed and is currently in ruins,. Fartia is still intact but deserted, only living with crabs. Lutalia melted with the ice going lower with the city remaining the same and then sinks to the sea, like Atalantis. ATALANTIS!

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