• Mectrixctic

    Ideas for the Battlerina

    September 19, 2009 by Mectrixctic

    Okay, this is a blog for discussing about the canon and events that happened in this wiki.

    • 50-70 million years ago, the Battle Gods are created
    • 5,000,000 BCE, Battle Terra is created
    • In 4000ish BCE the Battle hall is created
    • Sometime in the 1900's Vampuffles attact Club Penguin and Carney van Carnation is turned into a vampuffle
    • In 1990, Suckar was born, and be became a battler in 1995
    • Also in 1995, the new Penguin Republic became merged (subject to change)
    • In 2000 Shivrian is born, and 2 years later he starts training his powers

    Those are the only ones with dates... other things are just mentioned in this wiki

    • The club Penguin Civil war breaks out
    • Tepas is 2000 years old
    • Ernie joins the EPF
    • Neogniscidae is created.
    • Neo creates Dogmabita
    • Neo gives Necro…

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