The Raze Soldier is part of the Raze Task Force, which have been known to be a collection of the most powerful soldiers in the world. The Raze soldier has mutated into zombies a few times, but have been rehabilitated back into a penguin. He continues to be a legend soldier, and is an all rounder, but is especially an expert on sniping.

The Raze Soldier
[[Club Penguin Raze 2|138px|px]]
The Raze Soldier carrying a sniper and extra ammo packs. Visors are also included.



Damage per shot

(50% health, but +70% if it is a headshot)

Rate of fire

1 round per second

Running speed

20 kilometers per hour


4 Meters high jump, but with rocket boosts it becomes 6 meters. (Exo-Skeleton is used)


10 Meters in every single direction


Grenade, Katana, Flashbang, Teleport, Sniper, Uzis, Flamethrower, Focus Beam, Rocket Launcher, Ice Hunter and Ion Cannon.


100 Gigaflops


Optic Freeze

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