Vital statistics
Type Cheesy?
Score 7000
Power {{{power}}}
Effect Creatures get cheesy
Strengths Cheese, More Cheese, EVEN MORE CHEESE
Weaknesses Chocalate (it dosen't go well with cheese)
Senses Sensing of CHEESE!
Dumbness 50%
Smartness 40%
Destruction 30%

Suckar (pronoucced suck-ah) (24 January 1990-) is a cheese-lover and when battling, uses cheese as attacks. Despite the name, he is not smart nor dumb and not even good and defeating the opponent! His weakness is chocalate, as it has not a single relation with Cheese. As he does not battle much, he eats cheese at The Coffee Stall, in Cropok Island. He is currently aged 19 and lives in Cropok Island, an island famous for Battlefield Agrendas.


He was born on the day when Cheesyliciously Cheesey Cheese was created. His parents were Avy and Parad. Parad is a fighter while Avy is a cheese-lover. When he ate a bit of cheese, he instantly swallowed the whole bowl of it. That means he inherits his mother's personalities.

In 1995, he started battling. Out of 10 he won 4 battles. Cheese were used in 6 battles that year and half of it (3 battles) made him won. The other 4 consisted of an immediate lose. The 4th battle he won that year was due to the opponent forfeiting after farting like a super mad cow who lives in space.

In 1996, he scored 27th in the Battling Tournament of Cropok Island's Age 6 Division and won last place in the Age 7 and below Division of da' French-Italian Battle Tournament. That very same year he won top place in the Cheesy Tournament of Cropok Island. He was pleased with his results at the age of 6.

During 1997 to 1999, he attended Cropok Battling School. He also ate lots of cheese during recess. He also farted a lot.

2000 was his golden year for cheese-eating. He formed a group known as Cheesy and entered 28 competitions in total. 12 of which with his group, all the rest individually. He won all of them and in total recieved 15 million coins.

2001 was his golden year for battling. For the first time, he won ONE battle without cheese nor forfeits. He won 15 battles in total. He won 11th place in the Battle Tournament of Cropok Island.

In 2005, he took a trip to Club Penguin and explored the Club Penguin Battle Hall. He also set up a stall in the Town, but gone bankrupt after controversy spread.

Currently, he is eating cheese cheese and CHEESE!

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