Sergeant Carvilon Monetes Nodas
On mission.
Vital statistics
Type Battle Penguin
Score 1000
Power Fire
Effect Fire Swirl
Strengths Explosions, Fire, Air
Weaknesses Water
Senses Can see, talk and hear.
Dumbness 5%
Smartness 95%
Destruction 80%, when has advantages

Carvillon Montenes is a sergeant in the Nodas Group. he was the first sergeant, to ever be taught by the great Nodas King. The Leader noticed his powers, when he was still an Initial. He trained very hardly, and he finnaly got the Fire forces as his elemental. Then, he was taught by the Nodas King. He grew stronger and stronger. Now, he is a Sergeant in the Nodas Group. He is the most penguin-y from the whole group, which is his advantage too, as he can suddenly show, he is a Battle Penguin. He can attack quickly, and have a big advantage. His absolute weakness is Water, which totally destroyes is special power. His destruction goes to 10%, but still he is a good ninja. He is the 2nd most powerful member of the Nodas Group.

As a Nodas Group member Edit

He is the most powerful chief in the group, after the King. He often controls other Sergeants. He mainly controls the work of lower located members, and gives reports to the leader. He gained big trust fro the leader and whole group. He is a smarter penguin then his leader, but he has never thought, to become a leader, as he is not charismatic, and so much powerful. Even, without that, he doesn't want to lead anything. Battle leading is the place of other sergeants.

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