Referee Jeffry Shroomsky
Ref shroomsky
You play by his rules and the Battle Rules, or he will take care of you personally.
Vital statistics
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Power Sonic Scream,
and lightning eyebrows
Effect Hurts fighters (scream),
stops game (whistle),
REALLY hurts fighters (eyebrows)
Strengths Immune to water and wind. Also immune to knives, or swords (but not shaving razors). There are many other ways to get him, however.
Weaknesses Paperwork. Jeffry HATES paperwork. Hold out a tax sheet, a fine, an application, and he'll head for the hills faster than you can say "churros".
Also, his worst weakness is that he will actually fight a rule-breaker if they break enough rules. Good Battle-creatures normally obey him, but villains are evil anyway. Jeffry gets smushed every now and then.
Senses Jeffry Shroomsky can detect something breaking the rules from seven miles away.
Dumbness 20% (the tendancy to fight creatures thirty time his size is rather dumb)
Smartness 80% (he is a genius and has memorized all rules of conduct, battle doctrine, and site maitenence)
Destruction 0% (he's terrible at destroying items)

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