The Puffle Platoon team are a group of Puffles who have a fighters spirit. They are led by Supreme Lieutenant Merc-Dagor.


Over years, Battle Penguins fought and fought, both heros and villains. However, a Battle Penguin was badly injured. He needed a blood test. He was taken to the Battle Arena Healing House and treated for his wounds. He took his Puffles. However, a nurse spilt some Battle Penguin blood on the Puffles, giving the puffles mystical powers. Some could shapeshift into things like Dragons and Vampuffles while others had the power to create there own food by just sunlight. They were rapidly able to reproduce; when a fellow Puffle is killed, another one is born. One of the Puffles, Merc-Dagor, decided to sign up for the a tournement in the arena. When he signed up, he was laughed at. Everywhere thought that a Puffle could not beat a Battle-Penguin. However, one of the most surprising things happaned. It was the first battle and it was against a Battle-Penguin who can control Wind Power. The Battle Penguin was very confident but he was in for a surprise though.

His oponant chosen his weapon; a bow and arrow, very usful for hunting smaller Battle Penguins. It might work against Puffles too. Merc-Dagor, however, made his own Puffle sized Kantana. When the game began, Merc-Dagor's opponant made a early strike, shooting his Bow and Arrow at the little puffle. Merc-Dagor, however, dodged it and went for a jump attack. His Kantana was know match for a tornado whip though. A Bow and Arrow was sent flying at the Puffle, which lowered Merc-Dagor power down. The enemy was about to deliver a final blow. It was then that one of the most surprising things happaned; Merc-Dagor shapeshifted into a massive Water Dragon. His enemy, who's weakness was water, was no match for a massive flood. The game had to stop, due to the fact that the all of the crowd had caught a cold. Many Penguins were surprised to see what had happaned.

G, however, was the most shocked. He decided to introduce puffle teams to the battle arena. With the aproval of the PSA, G set about creating the Puffle Platoon. Meanwhile, Merc-Dagor had won the tournament and been rewarded with a Silver Trophy, which he still keeps. G decided to talk to Merc-Dagor about the Puffle Platoon.Thanks to the Puffle Translator 5000, Merc-Dagor agreed and team Puffle Platoon was created. By drinking a special formula, Puffles can become Battle-Puffles.


The Puffle Platoon, being a major team, has reputation to keep up. Over scale of 1-10, many Penguins rate them 6/10.


  • All of them can tranform into a creture, like a Vampuffle, a Dragon or a Werewolf.

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