Woo wants two give mwe aw hwug?
— Pink Bunny
Pink Bunny
A picture of Pink Bunny. It had to be photoshopped because she was SO CUTE!
Vital statistics
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Power Cuteness and lollipop headbanging
Effect A big boo-boo
Strengths her lollipop
Weaknesses Candy. She can't resist them. And she is very scared of squidzoid
Senses All, plus the power to sense candy and "Awwww" factor
Dumbness She's a candy addict
Smartness she knows other people's weaknesses besides her cuteness.
Destruction A lot.

Pink Bunny is a cute cuddly mwa mwa penguin that wears a bunny hood, candy necklace and carries around a lollipop. Why would she be harmless?

Stuff Edit

Well, Pink Bunny is SO cute and cuddly that every other battle penguins can't resist awwing over her and wanting to give her a huggy. When they do (or at least try to), she bangs their head with the candy cane until they get knocked out (and many times after that).

A battle-penguin has to train themselves many times for hundreds of hours in order to be resistant to Pink Bunny. And when they are resistant to her looks, they'll have to be resistant to her lollipop.

That Lollipop is really powerful. It's made out of diamond and gives an irresistible smell.

Pink Bunny was born from Red Bunny and Peach Bunny, who were also cute and cuddly, but not as cute and cuddly as Pink Bunny.

Red and Peach Bunny

Pink Bunny's folks

She was given the power to sense people's attraction to her and the will to become a Battle Penguin by the great penguin demon, Neogniscidae