Penguin Demons are supernatural creatures that live in antarctica. They were created by the Battle Gods as a way to put forms of supernaturality in the world. However, the creatures they have created are deformed and vile, often enjoying penguins being tortured and spread curses throughout the land. All Penguin Demons have Darkness as a major element.

Shared PowersEdit

  • Spiritual Possesion- A penguin demon has the ability to go into an object and control it
  • Immortality- Penguin demons cannot die. They do not age and no natural thing han harm them
  • Ability to give penguins "gifts"- a Penguin Demon can give another penguin (or even puffle) special powers that can be used.
  • Ability to give penguins "Curses"- Likewise, they can make a penguin suffer through dark magic.

Noteable Penguin DemonsEdit

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