Vital statistics
Title OTP
Type Secret Group
Location Unknown
Head All
Job Keeping a detailed history about the leader of the Nodas Group a secret.
Members Carvilon Monetes
Nodas King
Head Scientist C.A
HQ Unknown

O.T.P - Means the Only Three Penguins. The members of this small group are:

These are the only penguins, that know further, and detailed history about the leader of the Nodas group - Nodas King. They are kept in secret, and Nodas King's past is kept in very big secret, too! The reason is unknown, probably caused by his "black" past, or unknown. No more penguins may be let in this very mysterious group.

Trivia Edit

  • It is not confirmed, this group exists.
  • It is unknown, what is the past of the Nodas King. But the reason, why it is hidden, is unknown too. Maybe I should write something, when it is known?