Neogniscidae (Neo, or short) is an extremely powerful penguin demon. However, he is not a battle-penguin; he creates battle penguins using supernatural means. He also creates (as well as owns) battle puffles. His main elements are fire, psychic, and darkness, although he can use electricity, fauna, and flora too.

It is unknown how he was created, but Neo was present in the earth for thousands, if not millions, of years. His mainland is Antarctica and he spent the early years of his life putting curses on penguins. Late on, he decided to live a more neutral lifestyle.

Powers Edit

  • Telekinesis - Psychic Element Body
  • Pyrokinesis - Fire Element supernatural
  • Sustained Flight
  • Telepathy - Psychic Element Body
  • Immortality
  • Teleportation
  • Spiritual possession of objects and people - Darkness and Psychic Element Supernatural
  • Ability to turn into smoke, ash, steam, or fire- Fire Element Supernatural
  • Invisibility
  • Omnipresence - Psychic Element supernatural
  • Electrokinesis (Mildly)- Electricity Element body
  • Necromancy - Darkness Element Supernatural
  • Can control and manipulate an organism's growth, metabolism, and homeostasis- Flora and Fauna Element Supernatural
  • Ability to give curses to his opponents- Darkness Element Supernatural
  • Ability to sense and manipulate other's emotions, feelings, state of mind, personality, and wants.- Darkness and Psychic Element Supernatural and Body
  • Ability to give other penguins powers similar or identical to his, and/or remove them- Psychic Element Supernatural.

Neo, in a good mood

Battlers created by Neogniscidae Edit

  • Pink Bunny- Gave her the ability to sense other people's attraction to her, and even the ability to make them more intoxicated by her cuteness.
  • Necroavian- Gave him a powerful weapon, and superb necromancy and pyrokinesis skills
  • Dogmabita- Adopted him, and ave him a weaker form of most of his powers and pumpkin-mancy
More to come

Neo in a not-so-good mood

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