Karazachi takes on his stereotypical Mexican apperance before pwning a noob.

(Note: This article is mainly in 1337 [Leet]. May cause eye and/or brain damage. Read at own risk.)

Karazachi will PWN you! H3 S934K5 1N 1337 N07 83C4U53 H3 15 4 57R00D13 J5U7 C4U53 H3 15 50 FR1663N 4M451N6! 73945 571NK5 50 84D1Y C0M94R3D 70 K4R4Z4CH1! LULZ! H3 15 U83R 9WN4AG3 W17 H15 614N7 513D!

Allies Edit

Botch Hill surroundings

Karazachi is AWESOME!

7H1S 9463 15 N07 93RF3C710N. 8U7 I7 I5 9R377Y 5W337!

913453 X94ND 17 N008Z!

  • 5TU8

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