The Imperial Remnant is a Remnant of the Penguin Empire after it was defeated by the Rebel Alliance. When Emperor was exiled, the military leaders, judges and governers agreed to fight on rather then give up. They were weakened by the newly formed Aristo Kingdom and the former Penguin Republic.

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When the Penguin Empire was defeated, the Aristo Kingdom and the former Penguin Republic was formed from the Rebel Alliance. The remainder of the Penguin Empire was defeated by the Aristos and the Penguin Republic until they were left with the South East. Many soon refered to them as the "Imperial Remnant". This became the new name of the Penguin Empire. The judges, military leader and governers came together to form a Confederate Oligarchy. Everyone got a region, and they would come together to form a council. They concentrated on there problems and fixed them. Soon, the Treaty of Wakesfield was signed, improving relations. When the present Penguin Republic was formed, the two countries traded. The Remnant soon had a massive rise in everything. Money, military, you name it! Currently, the nation is small, but with massve hopes.

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