Head Scientist
He, in an anti-radioactive suit.
Vital statistics
Type Scientist-penguin.
Score 1090
Power Nuclear rods.
Effect BOOM!
Strengths None.
Weaknesses None.
Senses All for a penguin.
Dumbness 0%
Smartness 100%
Destruction Larger, than you think!

The Head Scientist is the leader of the scientists in the Nodas Group. He has a large respect in the group, and has a great approval from the king. He is a great inventor, and he works for Nodas for about 20 years. Once, he failed a radioactive experiment, and this caused several injuries on his body. Nobody saw his face since then, as he wears an anti radio-active suit for all times. It is probably to make sure, he won't survive any pain due to his many experiments. In the Nodas Group, he has his laboratory, where he develops nuclear-based weapons for the group.

He in battle Edit

He indeed was a battle penguin, but he was more passionate of science. Then, he met Nodas King, and joined the group. He is in the only three penguins, with Carvilon Monetes and the King. He indeed fought for the group for a year, but then he gained more respect, when developing weapons for the group. Today, nobody, except the king remmembers, how he used to look like, before the unfortunate experiment.

Trivia Edit

  • It isn't known, what does C.A mean. Head Scientist is the only person, who does.

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