He might look harmful & kiddy-looking, but he's not what he looks . . . .
Vital statistics
Type Wind
Score 2950
Power Wind
Effect Guey's opponent looses 500 points for each level of both battle-penguins weapons.
Strengths Wind
Weaknesses Lightning
Senses Any lightning coming anyone's way.
Dumbness 10%
Smartness 90%
Destruction 69%

Guey (pronounced: Gwey) is a very strong & highly skilled battle-penguin. He used to be part of the Nodas Group, and was high in status, but then got sick of the King and eventually, left when he had the chance. He now battles in many battlerinas and sponsors many other battle-penguins as well.

History Edit

Guey started off serving the king of the Nodas Group for many years. He then got promoted, and was at the top of the group, but then got tired of the group, and fled from the group. Guey had a big shock in managers, and one day asked a very dangerous battle-penguin if he needed a manager. The battle-penguin accepted and then became it's manager for battling. The battle-penguin then died of a deadly lightning shock in a battle. Guey moved on from battle-penguin to battle-penguin dozens of times, but then came to the battle-penguin he thought that was amazing, good & indestructable - Ninjinian. The battle-penguin was top in the leagues, and usually always won battles. He was also very kind & experienced in almost everything in battle. Guey then stayed permenently as Ninjinian's manager for many years, and still is his manager. As he left the Nodas Group, he will never become allies with them, they will always want to destroy him.

For the pre-history of Guey, read below.

Pre-History of Guey Edit

Before Guey served the king of the Nodas Group, Guey was a legendary battle-penguin in his times, and was fully indestructable. Guey never gave up battles, and had never lost a battle, but one day, when he was versing his grave enemy, the legendary Lancher. Guey loathed the battle-penguin a lot, but couldn't back down the challenge. It was true that Lancher was a lightning-type, and Guey was only wind-type, (because wind-type battle-penguins weaknesses are lightning-types) but Guey still didn't give up. It had been eight rounds through the battle, and the ninth round would decide which battle-penguin would become Battle-Penguin King. Guey feared lightning a lot, so his fearness took over him, and countered many attacks, but on the last attack, on the last second, Guey's mind went completely blank, and got attacked with 100% lightning. Guey fell to the floor, and lost the battle. Lancher became Battle-Penguin King, and from that day, Guey decided that he would never battle again.

Personality Edit

Guey looks a little young, but is quite old. Legend said that battle-penguins could live up to thousands of years (and Guey is 1243 years old!) Guey always wears his cowboy hat for deals & pretty much to look like a manager. He always wears his detective cloak, but when someones taking a picture or is painting him, he doesn't wear it.

Guey gets called Gooey because of how his name is spelt, but he said that it is just his nickname.

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