Gary the Gadget Guy
Gary the Gadget Guy
Gary hiding from ferocious battle penguins, . . .
Vital statistics
Title Gary the Gadget Guy
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction BSA
Health Fine
Level Unknown
Status In the ruins of BattleTerra
Location BattleTerra & Club Penguin

Gary the Gadget Guy, also called G is an inventor-penguin from the penguin-world, Club Penguin. Nobody knows how he got from this . . . . Club Penguin, to BattleTerra. Currently, he is hiding for his life from battle-penguins, and running amock, asking himself "Where am I?". He is trying to invent a teleportation machine that will allow him go go back to Club Penguin, but is futile.

After his trip in BattleTerra, he has become somewhat insane, and makes jittery noises a lot.

Personality Edit

Gary is generally calm, and loves inventions. He has a fondness for adventure, which is what led to create the Puffle Platoon and his journey to BattleTerra. This proved to be a mistake, and he was stranded with monsters that liked fighting. Being a pacifist, he had a hard time adaptiong, and hid from the grotesque creatures. This may have caused his sanity to become unstable, along with the isolation and homesickness he had.

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