He was a brilliant secret agent. A brilliant one indeed
— The Director of the PSA upon hearing that Ernie escaped the loony bin


Ernie is a mad scientist, in the fields of biology. after an experiment he now has a cactus for a head, crab eyes, and tentacles surrounding his mouth. Like Neogniscidae, he creates battle penguins instead of actually fighting, but through genetic engineering and bio-technology rather then black magic.


Ever since he was a chick, Ernie loved experimenting. He experimented with chemicals, animals, and plants and much more. He was a very anti-social young boy, but he was incredibly smart. HE got good grades in school and went to a very good college.

Later on, he became a secret agent, but eventually became a top scientist for the EPF. However, his love of experimenting got the better of him, and his colleagues dubbed him as insane. It wasn't until he went as far as amputating his left flipper and dissecting it before they took measures. However, he was not content with being in a mental hospital, and used his skills to escape. He attached a bionic flipper, which looks like a normal flipper, and continued his experiments alone. It was there when he turned his head into a cactus, with crab-eyes and tentacles.

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  • His name wasn't removed from the EPF's group, which means he is still a part of that group and can come into the meetings and stuff at any time.

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