Elements are what Battle Penguins use to battle with. There are 3 main types of elements: Weapon, Body, and Supernatural, however there can be mixes.

Elements Edit

Machine Edit

Machine Elements are elements put in the weapon used by the Battle Penguin. For example, a flamethrower would be a Fire Element Machine. Machines don't have to be complicated, in fact an iron sword would be considered a Metal Element Machine.

Body Edit

Body Elements are elements that the Battle Penguin generates in its body. For example, if a Battle Penguin could produce a lot of water and spray it on the opponent then it be a Water Element Body

Supernatural Edit

Supernatural Elements are elements that are made through magical means. For example, if a Battle Penguin uses spells to control how plants grow and uses that to harm their opponent, then it would be a Flora Element Supernatural. If a battler is a wizard/faery, and could magically generate an element through their body, it would be considered a supernatural element rather then a body element

List of Elements Edit

Here's a list of elements. There are 6 elements which are the most powerful elements of all, and are more known (Plasma is the most powerful known element, but it's not included because it is restricted to weapons and is very rare and expensive to use. Darkness is also very powerful and isn't included for the same reason, except that it can only be used as a supernatural type).

Powerful Elements Edit

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Electricity
  • Frost

Other Edit

  • Sound
  • Acid
  • Alkaline
  • Salt
  • Poison
  • Flesh/Fauna
  • Wood/Flora
  • Storm (Body and Supernatural only)
  • Radiation
  • Darkness (Also can be called fear, sin, or death [Supernatural only])
  • Technology
  • Psychic
  • Metal
  • Stinkiness
  • Plasma (Weapon only)

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