Edge Fields
Edge Fields
The country, with Panteries indicated.
Type: Country
Leader: Justeh Montero
Location: Antarctica
Capital: Cundrant Town
Famous Battle-Penguins: Most members of the Nodas Group

The Edge Fields is a country in the north-west. It is divided amongst Panetries. Each Panetry is famous about something. The most known is probably the Edge Panetry. It is known for the biggest uncontrolled area. Only crazy people would go alone to the central lands of this territory, as only the coast is civilised. The Edge Fields have one of the biggest battle arenas in the known world. This country is often called the "Nodas Country", as most Nodas Group members came from these panetries. The ruler, Justeh Montero isn't a good ruler, and is often bribed by others. So the country is somewhat anarchic, and each Pantery governs itself. The most civilised is the Ganawenoo Panetry, located on the peninsula.

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