Demon puffle
The Flaming Pumpkin Puffle


Pyrokinesis, can control pumpkins, can fly


Burns and defetion


Punpkins, heat




30%, considering that Puffles are just animals




A lot

Dogmabita is a Battle-Puffle created by Neogniscidae, who is also Neo's pet. Dogmabita used to be an ordinary black puffle, but Neo found it, named it, and gave it a home as well as superpowers and a jack-o-lantern exoskeleton. Dogmabita helped Neo with his works and because a battle-puffle later on.


Dogmabita was an ordinary Black Puffle, and it got hungry one day and decided to snack on some 'o berries. However, a chamical reaction occurred, and it caught on fire. Freaked out by this, it ran away screaming, and crashed into a tree, where some icicles hanging from it fell down and stabbed it. There, Neo found it, and saved its life. He took the puffle to a nearby pumkpin patch, and made a jack-o-latern. He combined the lantern with the puffle and healed it's wounds. Neo named the puffle Dogmabita, and they became friends.


Dogmabita shares many powers with Neogniscidae, including pyrokinesis, flight, the ability to curse other beings, telekinesis, telepathy and the ability to turn into smoke or ash. However, these powers are nowhere near as prevailing as Neo's. However, Dogmabita has the ability to control pumpkins in a way that Neo cannot, and has the ability to make revenant slave pumpkins.

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