Decibelizer 3000
Vital statistics
Type Battle Weapon
Quantity 1
Owner(s) Gary the Gadget Guy, now Snaggletooth
Effects Able to blow enemies away with a simple power chord.
Source Gary the Gadget Guy
Cost to buy $$$
Cost to sell $$$

The Decibelizer 3000 is a weapon invented by Gary the Gadget Guy. It was stolen by Snaggletooth.


The Decibelizer looks like any old guitar, However, it is very powerful, being able to blow enemies away with a simple power chord. It is loud, and if playing an entire song, it charges up, then you can hurl it at the enemy for a 50% amplified damage boost.


  • G says he has another version ready, the Decibelizer 3001. It is more like a bass guitar, but is more powerful when charged up, doing 70% damage.
  • Any Decibelizers are easy to break.

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