Carney Van Carnation
Carney van Carnation
Carney in Battle Gear


Carney van Carnation


Super speed, strength, senses and agility. It can also glide and has magical powers.


A really beat up opponent


Puffle Blood


lack of puffle blood and sunlight reduces his powers


Enhanced vision, smell, touch and hearing, and his taste buds are wired to only like blood. Also he can sense electrical charges and heat from other organisms


Vampuffle Brains don't allow dumbness


He has really good strategic knowledge


Can break every bone in your body

Vampuffle grinning

Carney Smiling

Vampuffle Drooling

Go, Carney, get that puffle!

Carney is a Vampuffle. It was turned into one one hundred years ago. Its great strength and speed makes him an ideal battle (vam)puffle.

Carney was born to (puffle) Audrey van Carnation, and was owned by (penguin) Francis van Carnation in the early 20th century. Later the Vampuffle wars occurred, and Carney was a victim of the vampuffles. The Vampuffles Killed Audrey and Francis, and would've killed Carney, but it escaped. However, a Vampuffle bit it so he turned into one as well. Carney despised all Vampuffles, and vowed revenge on the ones that kill its parent and owner. Later on it decided let all this go to adapt to his Vampiric life and drank puffle blood and avoided sunlight and the rest of society.

It heard of the Battlerina and decided to come out of it's hidey-hole to become a Battle-Puffle. It got a dentist to help it with it's paperwork and fought and being a Vampuffle, defeated many other Battle-Puffles. It later became able to fight battle-penguins.

List of Battles with Battle-Penguins

Supernatural PowersEdit

Carney soon found a spellbook of Storm. This allwed it to cast many spells to its enemies and get away easily. Being undead, it needs no special wand or staff, as magic can be regenerated through abiotic objects, and fused the spells into it, and is able to cast them as long as it has enough energy.

List of Spells

  • Ligntning strike
  • Firestorm
  • Thunder Strike
  • Blizzard Barrage
  • Hail Strike
  • Tidal Wave
  • Moonsoon Blast
  • Cyclone Blast
  • Meteor Shower
  • Solar Flare


Stormballs are target projectiles that are more accurate then the other spells, but have less power.

  • Lightning Ball
  • Fire ball
  • Rain ball
  • Snow ball
  • Cloud Ball
  • Thunder Ball
  • Hail Ball
  • Sleet Ball
  • Wave Ball


  • "Carne" means meat.
  • Destroying Carney would be very difficult. One way would be the simple, driving the stake down the heart, but Carney is fast and would probably avoid that. Furthermore, in order to permantaly kill him, the body would have to be burned after the stake is driven. Another way would be to apply extreme heat, like (weapon) Plasma, which is very expensive, although the affects of plasma last for weeks, while fire, lightning, radiation, end even solar plasma only keep it handicapped for a few minutes at most. The third way, is to get another vampuffle, puffwolf, or vampuffwolf to destroy him.