The Beach Canyon is a battlerina in the cove of BattleTerra.


A surfer was surfing back to the cove when he crashed and flew behind the hut. There he in some bushes. Confused, he kept on going until he hit a rock, part of the rock formation, frantically trying to move, he found a small hole in it. It was an enterance to a grotto! He got out unscathed, but lost a necklace there. He did not dare tell anyone. Later a treasure hunter was trying to find treasure near the beach when he found the necklace, noticing a mark left there. He got some explorer, and they eventually found the other side of the rock. Later, battle-penguins found it and fought there.

It Has a lot of seawater in it, which is ideal for water-element pengins. Some hazards there are the dangerous sea animals.

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