The Battle Gods are very powerful penguin gods that have existed since the dawn of penguins, 70 million years ago, although new ones have come later on. They come from a pantheon of penguin gods, and have branched out and created BattleTerra. There are at least 15 of them, although only few are known by the Battlers. Battle Gods are looked up upon, but are not worshiped.

Known Battle GodsEdit

Elite Three

The "Elite Three" are the most famous Battle Gods. They have created most of BattleTerra, the techniques of fighting, amongst other things. They have the most followers, and have the most power over what goes on in the Battlerinas

  • Manuwai- One of the oldest known Penguin God, and the oldest Battle God, Manwai is the neutral god of battling, and he has most of the credit for creating BattleTerra and the rules of Battle. Because he pretty much is the creator of Battle Penguins, all battle gods consider him as a personal friend.
  • Archaeoza- A rather sinister penguin, Archaeoza is responsible for putting the use of supernatural battling. Many evil penguins look up to him, because they share common beliefs, although all penguins that use supernatural powers are grateful for his existence. Archaeoza is close friends with Manwai, Pachyniscus and Maramnornis, but has somewhat of a rivalvy with Korodytes, because of their conflicting views. He also is a good friend with Hemozanois, beacause of there rather simaliar views.
  • Korodytes- Korodytes is a good god, who made the rules of battle and wants battle penguins to fight fairly in the arena. He is reasonable and is a fighter for justice, and many good-battle penguins look up to him.

Other Gods

  • Icapornis- The battle-godess of health and medicine in the battle-arenas. She makes sure that the wounded battlers are treated.
  • Pachyniscus- A close relative of Icapornis, he is the Battle-God of pain, casualties, and defeat in the arenas.
  • Nordendyptes- Another relative of Korodyte and Pachyniscuc, he is Battle god of defense, counter-attacks, healing spells, armor, and victory
  • Maramnornis- The Battle goddess who created the concept of battle-puffles, and an arena for them. She also created the concept of "Teams" and "organizations" for battling.
  • Hemozanois- battle-god of cheating. he created cheating, and tells every battle-penguin/battle-puffle it's ok, so long as they don't get caught. also protects liars,cheaters and theives and other people doing not nice things.


The Battle Gods have emmense powers, close to omnipotence. How they got these powers is unknown as the gods aren't telling. Some powers are

  • Immortality
  • Omnipresence
  • Ability to manipulate matter and energy
  • Ability to create new life
  • Ability to give "Non-gods" certain powers

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