Antarcticais the main continent, where all battle-penguins live. It consists of the raw continent and the island, surrounding it.

The raw continent.

Many countries were created there in historical times. Each country is famous for other things. All the countries are based on battles, and their economy is very unstable. In some of them, Anarchy is the method of ruling the territory. The ice covers the whole continent and closer islands, only those "faraway" islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula have a warmer climate. The southern side of the continent consists of the Transantarctic mountains.

Countries Edit

The name sounds rather to a village's name, but it is a small country located in northern part, heading to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a very unstable country, divided amongst Panetries. Lots of gangs were formed there, especially in the Edge Panetry.

The republic rules over Club Penguin and is the richest country in Antarctica. It was created in 1995 after the former Penguin Republic and Kingdom Turos merged.

Nearby Lands Edit

There are other lands near Antarctica. The most known & popular land is BattleTerra, which is about a dozen sea-miles away from Antarctica, because the land is supposed to be separated from other lands, for private property reasons, and because BattleTerra needs lots of space for expansion to the land. BattleTerra is said to be almost more popular than Antarctica itself!

To the far north, the Arctic Colonies are located.

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